Safety Award


Michael Biggerstaff, GS-9, Patrick AFB, FL (Chapter 36, GKMMC) was awarded the AFSPC Safety Award.

Several people in our squadron put a package together.  I was
the only civilian and the only Knight on that team.  To a certain extent it
was to clear the squadron name from a motorcycling prospective.  I allowed
some of the Knights accomplishments to be used in the package.

As for the dark side of the story, in the 2013 timeframe we had one fatality
that was completely stupid; the Airman was three times the legal limit on
alcohol and he was going three times the speed limit after drinking with
coworkers (so much for the Wingman concept) on a borrowed motorcycle.  The
crash was so loud into a Jersey barrier that someone in a house a quarter
mile away reported the crash.  The guy was cut in half.

The other serious motorcycle injury was a TSgt that was about to deploy
literally before the end of the week.  Officially someone pulled in front of
him but I’m unsure of the speed involved.  Ironically it happened in what we
call a suicide lane here in Florida.  The TSgt is now paralyzed below the
waist and is medically retired.  The irony between the two incidents is that
they happened about a mile apart from each other and within a couple months
of each other.

We worked very hard to clear our names and it ended with what you see.  The
truth of the matter is that generally the military do their own thing on
sportbikes (except for the Wing Mentorship rides I help put together).  Us
old civilians do our own thing on cruisers and touring bikes.  Right now
Jason Lichau is our only active duty rider in Chapter 36.  I really would
like to see more military in the chapter; even if they do their own thing.
I guess you can say the word is out that we are old and boring.  I often
jest that I’ll race any sport bike out there as long as I decide the
starting line (something like Jacksonville FL) and I decide the finish line
(maybe San Diego CA), however I digress 😉